Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I'm not sure who this speedy swimmer is? Answers on a postcard please. She was one of very few who were in the water this morning. I think she was a bit suspicious about who was taking her picture, I don't blame her really!

She swims well and could really put down the power. The water is still cold around 10ÂșC but the air was quite warm this morning.

Elizabeth concentrating hard as she swims. We still didn't catch up today, once I'm out of the water I'm too cold to hang around.

She spotted me this time! I swam eighteen lengths again, distance not going up for the moment.

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  1. Hi Alex, yes I was a bit late this morning ... and didn't spot you first time round at the bottom of the pool ..:) the other swimmer is Katherine, she is training for a channel relay swim - in Pip's team. sadly not swimming tomorrow another early start and away all day .. but back thursday! the pic where I'm looking at you is v. funny!