Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Good side

'Did you catch my good side?' asked John. I think I did. Misty, drizzley not the best weather. The water was slightly cloudy but felt soft after last nights rain.

Not sure this is Michael's best side? A moment too late to catch his underwater glide.

A second attempt was worse, although it's an interesting position. You can Vince scooting away in the background.

Sangeeta swims in slow motion. Not hat or goggles her hair looked wild underwater. I like the surface reflection.

That's better, Michael near full stretch. The water was 10ºC, David said it was 16ºC this time last year. I swam eighteen length again. Big Carl was jogging around the pool when I arrived having done eighteen lengths and was getting back in for another mile as I left!

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