Monday, 7 May 2012

Sunday race

I don't usually make in time for the Sunday races at the Lido but trying to get a swim in before I had guests for lunch meant I arrived just as they were about to take place. They're still only two widths which is too short for me to get up to speed.

With the handicap system you never really know who's going to 'win'. I was standing at the faster end of the swimmers and by the return leg they're already taking the lead.

It seems SLSC president Giles came in first but does that mean he won? I doubt it.

Once the races were over I had a swim with Alfonso, he was only going to do ten today because he wasn't in his suit. Tricky (above) was swimming with big Carl.

Carl seems surprised to see me! Alfonso got out after fourteen lengths in the end and I went on to do eighteen. The water isn't getting any warmer, and the grey weather wasn't very inviting.

This time Tricky spotted me, not sure how far he was going on to swim but I heard Carl say 'let's do another four' as I was getting out.

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