Thursday, 3 May 2012


Alfonso in a wetsuit! I never thought I'd see the day...
He arrived after I had left the water, I would have been interested to see if he was much faster in it. My theory is the extra buoyancy of the suit makes less difference on a better swimmer.

In the water it was a different suit I was racing. Tom has a great style and I'm sure he can quicker if he wants to. Another grey morning, air a bit cooler making the water feel warmer I thought although it still seems to be around the 11ÂșC mark.

Tom can tumble turn in his suit as well. Eighteen is still enough at the moment, anymore and my feet go numb on the cycle into work.

Fred doesn't need a suit but if he kicked form the hip I'm sure it would improve his stroke.


  1. This wetsuit malarky seems to be catching ...

  2. Alfonso was clocking lengths at 1min 30 seconds. Pretty darn fast if you ask me.