Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Too much chatting and too little swimming. Without the sauna it seems a pre swim chat is the order of the day. Carl, Chris, Sue, Carl, Sue, Elizabeth, Kate and Fazlar praising the (lack) of sun. After yesterdays sun the rain was back but it was warm and the water was up to about 11ÂșC according to David.

Not sure of this swimmers name but he was one of the few in the water at the same time as me. He was quite quick but I didn't really get measure my pace against his in the eighteen lengths I managed.

A really good roll and reach must be his secret. It somehow feels quite different to swim knowing there's no sauna. I have a fear I will be too cold when I get out but at eighteen it's only a four length drop from when the sauna was on. My hands and feet take the longest to warm up again.

A look down the rail, this is normally just above the water level but with all the rain of the last month it's about four inches below.

By the time I had changed everyone was in the water, mostly swimming in pairs. Sue with Chris, Ian (without suit) with Kevin and above Carl with Carl.

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