Friday, 25 May 2012

Funky trunks

The weather continues to excell itself. Quite a busy pool this morning and a chance to try out my new trunks which arrived last night from the USA. I designed them myself using the Tooting Bec Lido badge which has been described as either 'italianate' or 'like something out of Hogwarts'. I wanted a retro style design and needed to use my favoutite colour orange. They weren't cheap but at the same time not too expensive. I had them lined both front and back so they're quite heavy compared to my usual speedo's. I'm really happy with them!

Here's the template I was sent to approve for them. The company is called, their logo is on the rear left of the trunks. I only had time for thirty lenghts today and the water was a tropical 17ºC, that's up 5ºC in five days! The two Sue's, Chris, Ian and Margy were shooting a video to go with the lido song.

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