Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow balls

Not so foggy today, the snow is melting with the exception of these giant snowballs sitting on the pools edge.

The ice has also retreated, a channel was open across the shallow end but their were a few chunks in it.

A couple of Canadian swimmers were enjoying the water, I didn't catch their names. I think this guy did eight widths which is quite impressive.

The snow is well trodden and dirty now. I did two double width swims with a sauna in between.

Post sauna their was some filming going on for a charity I think? In the background you can the contractors starting work on the grandstand for the CWSC this saturday.


  1. Pretty impressive swim seeing as you've been basking in sunshine for the past couple of weeks!

  2. A very slow return to the water, it's a good 5ºC down on before I left.