Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Back in the water

After two weeks in Egypt with temperatures over 30ÂșC I return to the Lido with some intrepidation. Freezing fog, the remains of the snow and a covering of ice greet me. At least I have a good excuse for not swimming very far, it isn't possible.

First in the water is Batch, he hops off the steps before smartly turning around and getting back out.

Charlotte fares a little better swimming a neat circle in the clear water before climbing back up the steps.

I change and stand at the top of the steps, this is the hardest bit willing up the courage to get in. Camera in hand I take the plunge, snap a sub aquatic image under the ice turn and get out. Johnathan captures the moment here.

An enormous wave of exhilaration comes over me, I did it! I make my way to the sauna triumphant.

The childrens pool has a thick covering of ice and virgin snow surrounds the water. My dip was so quick I'm not really that cold but the sauna is great for a chance to catch up with everyone.

Later the the lifeguards are trying to clear the water, breaking up the ice with the snow shovell then dragging the main sheet deeper and repeating to clear a channel at the shallow end. They'll have to do this for the CWSC on Saturday if the weather stays this cold.

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