Friday, 2 March 2012

Misty March

A misty but mild morning, they say the weather will change for the worse ths weekend, so I was glad to completed my first 5km+ week of swimming. Pip and Jonathan were in the water slightly after me so I got this sanp of their synchronised swim.

I tried a second picture but my flash went off I think, perhaps that's why Pip looks surprised? I continued on my twelve length swim. I could see Elizabeth taking pictures which she will post here later, I hope. The water seemed about the same as yesterday, around 7.5ÂșC I think. Twelve was enough for me. Ian hopped into the water in his wetsuit on my final length, I think he wanted a race but I had had enough.

A post sauna picture of Hilary swimming far out in the water (she always swims in the middle) with the doors reflected back in at the top. This picture really needs to be bigger so you can see it.

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