Monday, 5 March 2012

Too far, too cold

The overnight rain and cloud had been blown away leaving a cold sunny morning with a brisk northery wind. The water was still 7ÂșC so I thought I'd match yesterdays mile. Vince and Elizabeth joined me in the water. Vince relaxes into his swim, no goggles, eyes closed. Blossom as well as leaves had been blown into the water. Elizabeth had borrowed the pink cap from Margy when she realised she had left one of hers at home. See her post of the day here.

 I carried on swimming after Vince and Elizabeth had finished. The wind was cold on my wet hands and later my head was feeling cold as well. Eighteen was much tougher today depite the water temperature being almost the same. I wasn't that quick at about 30minutes for 1800 yards. I was glad to reach the sauna and spent a good twenty minutes getting warm again. I might have to cut back on the distance tomorrow.

A quick picture of Nadine and Nando swimming together. Lost in Translation moment: Nadine asked Nando, 'Are you going to do an ass bomb?'.


  1. Beautiful picture of Vince!! yes the ass bomb was quite funny .. it did become a dive actually!

  2. I never ass bomb in front of the ladies :-)