Monday, 12 March 2012

Misty Monday

It was a beautiful sunny start at home but as I crossed the river the fog got thicker and thicker. I had to check with Anthony if we were okay to swim lengths. The mist was heavy and damp in the air, a light coating of dew had covered my jacket when cycling.

Underwater was a different world, clear and sharp. Elizabeth and Ian were swimming lengths behind me so I stopped to get this picture of them both. I went on to swim twelve lengths in total, my hands were getting quite cold by the end, the damp air was cool.

The white blob is Ian's hat, I likes the reflection of the wintery trees on the water. The soft misty light was quite different and a real contrast to the clear vision under the surface.

By the time I had finished in the sauna the sun was beginning to show through the fog, a pale yellow disk. Elizabeth was going to dive in so I lay on the pool side to give the image some hight.

It looks as if she dived from the tops of the trees! It was second time lucky though, although I caught her on the first attempt he dive wasn't quite as elegant. See Elizabeth's blog here.

Before I left I saw Carl in the pool no doubt swimming miles, I rushed to the shallow end to get this picture of him just before he turned, I wonder if he saw me? See today's musings here.


  1. that dive looks rather spectacular .. what about the first one .. too unorthodox to post?! :) like to misty shots too - very atmospheric!

  2. the dive pic is great. and not miles - 2km again, but felt less comfortable with the lack of sun!