Monday, 19 March 2012


A bright sunny morning. There had been a frost but it burnt off quickly. The lido really comes alive in the sunshine, Anthony had to put up a shade over the lifeguard chair for the first time this year.

Carl and Nando were there to get some distance in. They got in the water when I had done four lengths and I didn't quite catch Carl by the time I'd finished my eighteen length swim, I'm sure he'll post here later. Nando goes at his own pace alternately fast then slow, followed by a rest. They're off to Brazil for the Travessia dos Fortes swim across Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

The light was beautiful today but I had to be careful with my camera, condensation formed across the screen again, not a good sign. Luckily Elizabeth was in the water too, I'm sure she got some good pictures which she will post here later.

I caught Sue and Chris coming to the end of their swim as well. David took the temperature and I was surprised to find it had fallen back to about 7.5ÂșC. I spoke with Alfonso's wife in the sauna and was telling her about the Gala yesterday and how Alfonso swam 'Mexican butterfly'.

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