Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Six down

It was a dull grey morning but at least yesterdays wind had dropped, so had the water temperature. It was about 6.5ÂșC today, knowing how I over did it yesterday I was planning a shorter swim. Jonathan joined me on the first length and I got the picture of him swimming in the murky water. I went on to do twelve lengths and decided that was enough, six down on my previous swim.

Cubicle six is appropriately blue. Cold but not not as frozen as yesterday I made my way to the sauna. It had been an enjoyable swim despite the cold and recovery was much quicker having done less distance. Jason Flemyng swam today, in the sauna he told us he'd been filming in a new adaptation of Dickens' 'Great Expectations' with David Walliams who's Thames swim is televised on Thursday at 9pm on BBC1.

There was still quite a crowd in the water after my sauna but the cloudy water made it difficult to catch them. That's Pip, Ian and I think Kevin swimming out there somewhere.

Nando was lagging behind them, I like the reflections of the line despite the murky water in this shot. Elizabeth took photos of the morning's action as well, you can see them here. Kate has commented that they flushed out the pump pipes yeaterday, so I guess that's why it's so cloudy.

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