Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mad March mile

It didn't look too promising, after a wet cycle to the lido the drizzle gave way to rain and the skies went a darker shade of grey. On the plus side the water was still 7ÂșC! I got changed ready to brave the empty pool.

The racing crowd had all but left. Margy came to show off her new hat. Someone had made it for her based on the cubicle doors. She wears it well!

South London Press had published our leap from the 29th, Balmy or barmy? was their description of us. Getting in the pool I'll argue for balmy, it felt good to be in the water and out of the rain. I was the only one in the pool for most of my swim, reaching twelve lengths I thought I could do a few more. Fourteen, Sixteen, I might as well go for the mile.

Eighteen lengths, my longest lido swim so far this year. The sauna was welcome but I didn't even have a shiver. I find it easier to go further on Sunday swims when I'm not in a rush. Nando popped his head in the sauna and told me he'd saved a piece of his hazelnut/coconut cake for me. It was delicious, thanks Nando!

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