Friday, 16 March 2012

Nearly nine

The camera had dried out and was working again but I think there's perhaps still a problem with the waterproof seal. Alfonso was at the lido again and waited for me to get ready. He said he'd do six lengths but we ended up doing eight, a gentler pace than yesterday. I carried on after he got out.

My next target was Guy, who was about a length ahead of me. It took about another eight to catch him up, it wasn't really racing but I like to set myself a goal. Another two made eighteen and I got out and went to the sauna.

General painting and tidying up has begun, the fountain has dark blue x's on it, will this be the colour they paint it?

First attempt at catching the Elizabeth dive, portrait shape not really suited and I chopped her foot off.

She swam a couple of widths and then asked how the image was, agreeing to give it another go right away.

A little too high this time, and after being in the water I think my lens has condensation on it again.

This one was better but not nearly so high as the other day. David had taken the temperature and it was just under 9ÂșC.

One last jump for luck! I think the camera is ailing.

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  1. your poor camera seems in desperate need of TLC .... asap!