Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Top ten!

It must have warmed up, Ian is swimming without his wetsuit. I was going to catch him underwater and wasn't preares for his tumble turn, with the suit on he doesn't usually do them.

Although the nights have been chilly David confirmed it was 10ÂșC today. I swam a healthy twenty two lengths before I ran out of time.

After a quick sauna and shower I realised I hadn't taken many pictures so I went back to the sauna and asked Elizabeth is she wanted to dive today? Her first dive was beautiful but a bit to close to me and I got soaked as she went into the water.

I missed the second dive altogether! Just a splash and you can't see Elizabeth at all. I thought Elizabeth might be getting cold by now but she was keen to have another go.

Right over the cafe! Spots of water on my lens have blurred the picture a bit but it was the perfect dive.

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