Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spot the ball

Cloudier than yesterday but the sun was breaking through when I reached the water. Vince set off just in front of me leisurely making his way up the pool.

The water must be warmer, everyone going that ittle bit further. Elizabeth finished with a length of breaststroke, fingers reaching for the end of the pool.

Synchronised Sue and Chris were belting up and down on the leafier side of the pool. I dived between them to get this shot.

Then took a second as they set off again. Note the ditinctive Stanton leg kick. I did eighteen lengths but felt I could have gone further, as usual I ran out of time.

After the sauna Elizabeth dived right over the cafe into the water, because I chopped her feet off she said she'd have another go.

Bernie wasn't too sure about being dived over and I don't blame her. She did ask if we wanted to do another take though! So, did you spot the ball?

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