Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday twenty two

The sun was out and it was a scorching 14ºC according to my phone! The lifeguards had posted a 7ºC for the water but I was told it was nearer 8ºC. I arrived at the tale end of the SLSC AGM. Feeling a bit guilty about not being there earlier I joined the back of the crowd and clapped when necessary. Luckily there were way more than the fifty people required to make it kosher. They do a wonderful job with the club and I'm so grateful for all the time and effort people put in.

It was great to Alfonso at the AGM. He told me he hurt his back and had been ill as well, that's why I haven't seen him in so long. He's on the mend now and the water is warming up so I'm sure we will be sparing again before too long. Carl was gesturing at me that he had swam 2, I wasn't sure if he meant km or miles? It can't have been lengths?? I got in and started to swim, it was glorious! My arms were a little achy from digging and cutting the hedge yesterday but that soon melted away in the water. I was pretty sure I could do more than twelve lengths.

When I got to eighteen I decided why not carry on? Twenty two it was, although I felt fine I had a frozen jaw when I got out and couldn't talk for a while. Recovery was pretty swift in the sauna. We are reaching proper spring days now, how long until the sauna goes off?

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