Wednesday, 7 March 2012


The wind has changed direction, south westerly I guess it was hard work just cycling to the lido and I was worn out and a little late by the time I arrived. The good thing about being later was I got to swim with different people! Sue was watching me take this picture as she swam by.

A really good reach, Sue's powering along. I then did my best to start catching her up. At the end of length six I saw wetsuited Ian set off about five yards ahead of me, this was a challenge. He's so quick in the suit I couldn't catch him on his first length. By the second we were neck and neck and in pursuit of Sue who was doing her best to stay ahead. Sue dropped back after the length but Ian was tumble turning and racing off again, I finished my twelve length swim trying to keep up with him. My lungs felt like they might burst by the end. Ian said he was glad I got out because he didn't think he could keep that pace up much longer. It's always good to swim with someone who has similar pace.

I didn't have a chance to get an Ian picture but here's his wetsuit hanging up to dry. It was good to have my first race of the year. The water was down to about 6ÂșC but the extra effort kept me warm and recovery in the suana was quick.


  1. Alex, my lungs were bursting keeping up with you. I hadn't realised you were the same! I do know that no wetsuit = no contest.

  2. great photo of Sue fully stretched out!!