Friday, 30 March 2012

Bombs away

Elizabeth is da bomb! We had to wait for Sue B to pass before attempt number one. I was a little too distant and Elizabeth slipped a bit.

I think we can all see the fault with the second attempt. I like the picture though it has good hight to it.

A final go, great tuck position, good hight and quite good framing. Eat your heart out Tom Daley!
I did an eighteen length swi today and the water was a tropical 11.5ºC. This is probably the last warm day for a while, temperatures are due to dip by about 10ºC this week end. This will be my last March swim so here are some statistics:

I did 23 seperate swims in March
The water was between 6.5ºC - 11.5ºC when I was swimming
I swam 392 lengths and 2 widths.
That is 39,266 yards or about 22miles or 35.5km

March has been sunny and warm. I'm more than 100 lengths up on last year despite fewer swims.

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