Sunday, 1 April 2012

Super Steph

A much better day than forecast, not as warm as during the week but still wall to wall sunshine. Stephanie was in the pool training hard when I arrived. Pip tells me she did something like 110 lengths yesterday in two swims and it looked as if she were going for a similar total today! I jumped in and joined her, the water has dropped back a bit to 10ÂșC but is still quite pleasant especially in the sun.

I wanted to get a picture of Steph's tumble turn but most times I was ready she didn't do one. I hope I wasn't putting her off rhythm waiting with my camera. The water was quite full today, there was a painting at the lido event for children and the good weather bought out a few more swimmers for perhaps the first time this year. I did twenty four lengths before calling it a day. Stephanie was still going strong.

Goggles and a swim cap are so last season! Ivan knows how to swim in style, I'm surprised he doesn't have a matching bag.

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