Monday, 9 April 2012


 A very wet morning but goodness knows we need the rain and I'm sure it'll make my vegetables happy. A late swim because of the holiday arriving at 10am but the pool was busier than ever. I wasn't all that keen on getting in, something to do with the general gloom. Stephanie sets off in a blur.

Elizabeth did a twelve length swim in the suit before her sauna and was going for another four without it afterwards.

Stephanie was swimming very quickly, I tried my best to catch up with her but she was too fast. I think all that swimming must have paid off, her style looks elegant and effortless.

On days like today an extra special thanks goes to the lifeguards. Karen was tucked up under a broken parasol trying to keep warm and dry. I didn't look at the temperature today but would guess just under 10ÂșC.

Was Stephanie ever going to stop? After I'd had a good long sauna she was still going up and down, the rain was still falling and she didn't seem to mind getting wet.

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