Friday, 20 April 2012


The sun shone once more, very welcome after a rather wet week. The water was about 9ÂșC and I was late so just eighteen lengths today. Nando was having a Friday swim, he would set off with me when I turned then sit out my next length or so before joining me again. I decided to take my camera swimming with me to get the action.

Batch had joined Nando in the water and they had much better matched pace. I was getting ready to catch them both, first nando and then? My camera went blank, the screen black. I got out of the water, the green light came on to show it was working but no picture. At work I opened the camera up and put it in a warm place to dry, it's fine now but the seal must be wearing out. A pity I didn't catch more of the morning swimmers because the light was great.

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