Sunday, 15 April 2012

Time Flies

The new lido clock was officially unveiled today. Bigger and clearer than it's predecessor the money for it was donated by SLSC member Margaret Howard. I'll no longer have an excuse for being late to work on those week day mornings.

With more than a dozen swimmers in the pool the water felt crowded. Despite the bright sun the wind was cold and clouds were scudding across the sky. I saw Carl ahead of me in the water so I set my targets on catching him up.

After achieving my first goal I was on the look out for other quick dippers. Quite a few wetsuits back in the pool but the fastest mover was the chap above, I don't know his name. It was lovely in the sun out of the wind and I went on to do twenty two lengths.

I love the occasional remains of an old leaf you see suspended in the water. The new leaves are now unfolding on most of the trees, giving the bare branches a bright green fuzz.

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