Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Deep water

Like yesterday I had a pretty quiet swim. In the water on my own for most of the twenty two lengths I managed.  thought it might be cooler with yesterday's rain and the bright clear morning but it felt about the same to me. I tried some deep water pictures lying on the bottom of the pool while Sue and Chris swam over me. What is Chris doing with his left leg?

Who's that in the suit? Elizabeth! I think I gave her a surprise. I saw her later and she said she still felt cold. She has a nice stretched out position in this picture, find out what she thought of the suit here.

In a re-run of yesterday Gus was long arming his way up and down. The ducks were back too, Gertie and two Bertie's though! I nearly swam into them but they had gone by the time I got my camera.

While Fred attacking the water. I like the ring of bubbles from his right hand. I was rather late by the time I got out so had a very quick sauna talking about vegetables.

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  1. I think you caught me in my suit on length 9 .. you can already see my little finger spread out ... such an uncomfortable feeling :)