Friday, 13 April 2012


Friday and I'm tired, the end of the week and a late one last night. Arriving at about 8.15 I see Alfonso has signed in just before me. I change and swim, Gus is in the water powering up and down, I guess he'll be back at school next week and will have to move back to earlier swimming. Peter 'Ra' was in the water wearing below the knee cycle tights which I'm sure were dragging him down.

After four lengths Alfonso joined me setting off at break neck speed. I had to put the power down to even catch up with him. Was he going to swim at this speed for the duration? Luckily the pace evened out a bit. Alfonso is my favourite swim buddy, we really are well matched for pace, the length fly by when we swim together but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of him. After ten lengths he got out, just as Chris and Sue were starting their swim. I carried on for four more to make it eighteen in all.

No suit today, despite the misty weather the reflections in this picture of Elizabeth are really good, the colourful costume and hat help to make it. David made the temperature just over 9ÂșC this morning.

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