Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Carl & Carl

Carl was swimming with Carl today. Click on the pic to see it bigger, Carl is just taking a breath. They swim so well together keeping really well synchronised. There was a lady in the pool today whose name I didn't catch, she was a fast swimmer and I spent my swim trying to catch up with her.

Nando coming directly toward me, I was hanging down from the rail at the end of the pool. I just had time to dodge out of the way before he reached me.

A deep water shot of the two Carls. I swam twenty two again today, the weather dry but grey and the water still around 10ÂșC according to David.

They turned around and set off, I love carl's reflection and the stream of bubbles. I then joined them on my last length. Until I saw this going by! They were using a dragnet to clear the bottom of the pool, sending up clouds of dirt in the process.

I then had a sauna chatting to Inez and Nando before making my way to work. On my way out I saw Jason Flemyng, he'd just completed a mile swim, his furthest this year. I congratulated him as he made his way back to the sauna looking rather cold!


  1. The first pic of me demonstrates why I'm having coaching. Arm down while breathing.

  2. The coaching sounded good although I'm a bit scared to go myself.