Thursday, 5 April 2012


No so nice this morning it made sense to get into the water as quickly as possible. I was a little late so it was only an eighteen length swim. I took my camera with me on the last two. Sue and Chris both giving a long reach to the right.

Elizabeth also reaching to the right. Is her little finger getting cold? it looks as if it's beginning to splay out.

I then tried getting the overhead shot, Sue reaching to the left this time! The water felt warmer than the air this morning, but I was getting a bit chilly.

One last try. I only had time for a short sauna so was rather cold cycling into the north wind on my way to work.

1 comment:

  1. great shots of Sue and Chris! in 2 of the shots Sue is really well stretched out - leaving no (potential resistance) space between her arm and head ! you are right, on the last shot of Sue & Chris Chris seems to stop in mid pull back!
    I look stunned again ... - you so took me by surprise - it's quite funny to suddenly catch a glimpse of you from the corner of my eye ... today, I thought you were coming straight into me and we were heading for a collision ..! and yes my fingers (specially the little finger) had already spread...