Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I was a little early but it seemed really quiet this morning. I guess it's Easter holidays for some so they were coming a bit later than usual. A Chinese television crew were filming at the lido. Anthony was being interviewed and had a tie on! very smart. As they filmed across the water I was aware that I was the only swimmer in the pool. I guess the TV audience in China is about one billion! The builders have begun to paint the fountain, very smart.

Gus must be on Easter holiday becuse he is normally much earlier in the water. He was doing quite a few lengths, a good relaxed stroke, his arm is long and straight but his legs seem a little low at this point. I watched out for other swimmers to compare.

I saw Fred set off like a rocket about five yards in front of me. Great, a race! It took some effort to catch him up but by about mid length he backed off. He swims in a great cloud of bubbles (more than me I think), see how crooked his left arm is and what a big kick he's giving. It looks like he's putting a lot of effort into the water.

Vince has the most relaxed stroke. Barely making any bubbles with a really good reach. He goes at quite a good pace as well. I did a twenty two length swim, the water was perhaps a little cooler than yesterday, still around 10ÂșC I guess. I had the sauna to myself for the ten minutes I stayed in.

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