Monday, 23 April 2012


A busy Monday swim. Carl and Kate arrived at the same time as me. Batch and Fernando were also getting ready to swim. Carl suspended in the water, great reflection and barely a bubble except from his nose!

Pip joined us in the water later on too. She had set off with Nando and Batch but was well clear of them by the end of the length.

Here they come! Nando does his film star stroke when he knows the camera is on him. Not hard to believe he used to be David Hasselhoff's stunt double in Baywatch.

Another Carl picture, great smooth stroke without bubbles, his right had just entering the water. The water was about 10ÂșC, we had a bit of sun and a cool breeze.

And Nando powering back down the pool, it seems Batch had given up by this point. Twenty two was enough giving me time for a quick sauna before I had to leave.

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