Friday, 6 April 2012


Bright clear and a slight frost. I saw Stephanie on my way in, 'It's colder' she warned me. Various thermometers made it somewhere between 9ºC and 10ºC. What I hadn't expected was for the water to be so cloudy. Elizabeth told me it had something to do with them switching the fountain back on again. I only took the one underwater picture (above), I think it's Kate but I can't really tell.

The pool had been quite busy as it's a bank holiday. Although I was about an hour later than usual so were the rest of the 8am crowd. I didn't enjoy swimming through the murk all that much but did a twenty two length swim just to confirm it really was colder. Elizabeth had swam in her suit again but returned post sauna for a couple of widths without it, then I persuaded her to dive.

The first dive seemed a little close so I moved back for the second and got a great shot of her clearing the cafe!


  1. Excuse me ....I swam 2 lengths post sauna not 2 widths ....n 2 lives!! so haven't become too feebles after all

  2. Yes it was me Alex, I saw you taking the shot as I swam!

  3. I'm sorry Elizabeth it was indeed two length after the sauna, and you weren't in the sauna vey long either. Well spotted Kate, I could hardly see a thing in the water!