Thursday, 26 April 2012


A brief patch of blue but the rain was still falling. I'd swum about fourteen length when I saw Alfonso arrive, how long would he take to get in the water?

On length nineteen he came swimming across from the track side and joined me. This picture (taken later) shows his right hand entering the water without a bubble, look at his splayed fingers.

We swam my last four lengths together but then I stopped to take these pictures. Alfonso went off to catch up with Sue, Chris, Nick and Ian who had just got in.

Alfonso has a  much more powerful kick than me. The water was still around that 10ÂșC mark and the rain was still falling.

Heavy clouds looming over the lido. The was slightly warmer today and the wind had dropped a bit more.

Then just as I was leaving the sun broke through. 'You better cycle to work quickly before it rains again' warned David and he was right.

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