Sunday, 22 April 2012

Duck sauce

Bertie and Gertie are spring regulars at the lido, it's great to see them return each year. This time much to our surprise they have another drake in tow. Gertie still rules the roost, not sure what the new duck is called, how about Charlie?

They didn't like my waking them up for a picture so all three hopped into the water which is a lovely 10ÂșC today. I think Gertie is telling them the plan of action if I don't leave them alone so thanked them and left.

Pool quite empty and I felt like I could do a long swim, after about eighteen lengths I saw Steph was on the far side so I joined her and tried to get some pictures. I had to swim at full speed to be ready to try and catch her as she turned. After a few attempts I joined her at the same pace and the lengths flew by.

The water was okay and I was wondering if 'd manage a two mile. I'd love to try and get one in before the sauna goes off after next weekend. Steph had finished her swim so I carried on to thirty before calling it a day. Still my longest swim this year.

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