Thursday, 12 April 2012


The water was still a bit cloudy today, the aerator was working, the pool almost empty. I was a little earlier than usual but swam alone for most of my twenty two length swim. The sun was threatening to break through but hadn't by the time I finished.

A bit of blue sky visable, the skeletal remains of leaves being washed around by the water jet from the fountain. As I was tiring it became increasingly hard work to swim the last part of a length toward the water jet, like one of those endless pools.

Eventually I was joined in the water by a few familiar faces. Ian had ditched the suit today, the water is still a bit chilly though. David back from his cruise confirmed it was 9ÂșC

Meanwhile Elizabeth had her suit on again. Head down and stretched out I'm not sure she noticed me, at least I didn't give her a fright lurking at the bottom of the pool.

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  1. lovely shots of the water Alex ! and yes I only noticed you at the very end of my stretch :) no scarieeee moment today!