Monday, 16 April 2012


A crisp spring morning, bright sun burning back the frost on the common. The pool was quite empty, Tricky and Michael finishing swims just in front of me, just managed to catch Tricky up as he finished then I had the water to myself.

Beautiful sun on the water. Colour and light bouncing around but the water was cold, around 9ÂșC I guess pehaps a little less.

No people to photograph so I tried to catch the mood of the morning. Vince and Elizabeth swam but were both out before I got my camera.

Slipping under the water I could still see the clear sky, trees and lido's signature changing room doors.

I like the abstract view, click on a picture to see them bigger.

I finshed my twenty two length swim leaving the water empty. But only for a few minutes, Sue, Chris and Nick were just about to get in.

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