Tuesday, 17 April 2012


'I'm only doing one dive' Elizabeth warned and I don't blame her, it was cold, raining and the water was only 8.5ÂșC according to David. I told her I 'got it' and she asked to see after getting out of the pool. 'You took it too early' she complained and said she'd do a second dive but I must wait until she's coming down and her feet are together.

More like this I guess! I rather like the first shot too, it looks suitably wild for a wild windy morning. Cycling up to the Lido was hard enough, the wind from the south slowing progress and blowing rain in my face. The pool was empty for most of my swim just Elizabeth, Vince and Batch all in and out while I went on to twenty two lengths. Again Sue and Chris were just setting off as I got out and went to the sauna.

Anthony taking shelter, I'm not sure which is worse the rain or the cold? Thanks again to the lifeguards who are out in all weathers.

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  1. the first dive looks wild alright! well done for getting the second dive spot on - like that my fingertips have just broken through the surface of the water!
    spare a thought to poor Antony (c photo) and Karine ( on a mini break) who were sitting it out during the rain and wind while we were having fun ..:)