Friday, 27 April 2012

Sunshine and showers

Sue and Chris in synchronicity. Sun and showers this morning, wait five minutes and the weather changed again.

This guy is very quick, so quick I haven't yet caught his name. It would be good to swim with him because I think we're a good pace match. I couldn't quite catch him in the water but he didn't seem to be gaining on me.

Hello sailor! Batch strikes a pose before setting off again with Nando.

On their return length Nick joined Sue and Chris. Sue dived down to investigate, perhaps not my best ever picture.

I love the twist in the body of this picture though.

Not the most glorious morning, eighteen lengths completed none the less.


  1. Sunday - we saved you some cake! Gave it to Anthony to look after until you got there.

  2. Gah! I didn't even go on Sunday. I'm sure the cake was delicious and the lifeguards deserve it much more than me.