Thursday, 29 March 2012

Lido's eleven

We decided to try and get a picture of Elizabeth diving overhead while I was in the water. It was difficult to achieve.

I was too close to the dive point to either ger her all in frame or any of the lido. We'll have to try again tomorrow.

Elizabeth then attempted to get me, a bit early I think. I had already swam by this point, just eighteen today to leave extra time for messing around.

After the dives I jumped back in to catch Ian and Pip speeding by, in the background you can see Chris, Sue and another swimmer also coming up the pool.

Elizabeth also jumped back in to get some pictures and while we waited for them to come back down we took shots of each other. See her pictures here.

Here they come! You'd think Ian might ditch the suit now the water is 11ÂșC.

I managed to lie on the bottom of the pool to get this picture of Chris and Sue.


  1. we'll have to retry that diving shot again tomorrow - great synchro swimming of Pip and Ian ( the 1st shot of them)!

  2. suit ditched for 10 lengths today ....but may be back soon!