Thursday, 8 March 2012


As I arrived this morning Stephanie was about to do her post sauna dive, I quickly grabbed my camera to get a picture. Pip was already in the water, 'I've beaten you today' she said. I changed quickly and got in.

A little bit colder but the sun was shining so it didn't matter too much, around 6ÂșC I think. here's Pip completing her swim, I could see her smile at me when saw me underwater. I went on to do twelve lengths, my hands getting really quite cold. Elizabeth had been waiting to get a picture of my tumble turn underwater, unfortunately I stopped. See what she did capture and other imges from this morning here. I rushed off to the sauna.

After the sauna, where amongst other things we were making up lyrics for a Tooting Bec Lido song,  Elizabeth said she was going to leap back in the water. I lay on the ground and got ready, I wanted to capture the hight she jumped. I liked the image but she was more of a silhouette than anticipated.

Elizabeth gamely said she'd leap again so I could take the picture from the other side. Which one do you prefer?


  1. The last one of Elizabeth is my preference, as its bright and you can see her delight.

  2. I like them both for different reasons, as the Ape says, the 2nd is bright but the first has great shape!

  3. well caught Alex! love the angle you chose... it gives the illusion that I'm jumping higher than I probably did :) I prefer the second one, Alex cause you can see my smile .. so delighted was I to be heading off to see the Hockney exhibition ... it was great!!!