Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Wow! look at the new recycling bins!! Not really sure what the deal is with these but they were rather pretty lined up against the wall by the entrance. A rather grey morning but not as cool as Monday. Carl was alredy in the water cruising up and down when I arrived.

The pool is filling up, perhaps six swimmers in the water at once! I got this snap of Carl and then heading in the opposite direction my goal was to catch him up. Swimming off concentrating on my stroke I bumped into Vince. He swims without goggles so is usually by the wall but I wasn't looking where I was going either. No harm done I carried on.

Fred was soon swimming up and down beside us. He might well be about to stop in this picture but see how low his legs are in the water compared to Carl. I stopped after eighteen lengths (just over a mile) which had taken about half an hour, Carl kept going. I only had about fifteen minutes sauna time left, and I do still need it. There was an awed silence when Carl came into the sauna after his thirty four length swim, partly because his jaw was numb! He seemed to recover very quickly though.

Jonathan and Pip were swimming in sync as I changed. David took the temperature, 'Just about 8ÂșC' was his verdict. Still a little chilly I rushed off to work.

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