Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The stick!

Whose hand is this? Not my best shot ever of Michael but I kind of like it. Another bright morning, clouds scudding across the sun every so often. Again Carl and Nando were swimming at the same time as me.

'You're treading on the stick!' Nando told me. I had thought nothing of it, another bit of flotsam from the pool edge? 'No' Nando explained. He moves the stick back one groove for each length he swims so he doesn't lose count.

A lot of bubbles in this shot and Carl in the background. He said he would only do a mile today but after I'd done my eighteen he kept on going. Found out how far here.

Some of the leaves in the water have rotted right down to skeletal form, they look quite amazing with the sunlight shining through them. Meanwhile the first of this years leaves are coming through on some of the trees.

A little later Elizabeth joined us in the pool. Found out about her morning here. Water was warmer today 8.5ÂșC according to David.

Nando with the stick. I had done my eighteen at this point but he still had a few more to go. Lucky he had the stick to see how far!


  1. love the pic of the 2 leaves .. and the bubbles in front of Carl ... wonder why they are there?? can't be the condensation on your camera ?!! Nando's counting method seems a sound idea!

  2. I agree, some great shots today Alex.