Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap year

A lido leap was organised to celebrate the 29th February. When I arrived this morning Nicky asked me if I was taking part. 'I want to swim first' I told her. 'Either you leap or you have to marry me' she replied! luckily I still had time to do both so quickly got in and swam. As usual Vince and Elizabeth were in the water while I did my twelve lengths.

As soon as I fininished swimming it was time to leap. A photographer from South London Press was there to take a picture. It took quite a while for everyone to line up, muttering 'what are we doing?' and 'where do we jump?'. I was getting cold.

The snapper was called Mugnus. I doubt you'd recognise him from this picture. He did a couple of shots of us all jumping in together and then I rushed off to the sauna.

The sauna was packed, even Magnus joined us to take more pictures. Elizabeth and Jonathan decided to leap together to round off the morning.

As it's the end of February it's time for some statistics:
I did 19 seperate swims in February
The water was between 0ºC - 7ºC when I was swimming
I swam 96 lengths and 12 widths.
That is 9996 yards about 5.6miles or 9km

February was cold! 3km in the last three days brings the total to just a shade under that of January although I swam seven more times than last month.

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  1. Great stats for Feb, Alex! Thanx for the under water photo .. it looks like I'm pushing a bit better ..?! or is it just because you caught me at a later stage in the stroke than yesterday? the leap is fun too! wonder which photo the South London Press will end up publishing? C u tomorrow,E