Monday, 20 February 2012

Ice breaker

'Ice in pool' was the unexpected greeting at the lido this morning. It had been a cold clear night and the frost was heavy but the water was nudging 4ºC yesterday when I swam. Lack of wind had left the lower half of the pool with a thin layer of singing ice on its surface.

The sun was strong through the trees reflecing off the ice, you had to sheild your eyes. Footprints froze almost instantly to the concrete but standing in the glare it felt quite warm.

I made my way to the deep end, it would have to be widths. The far end of the pool was in shadow but you got a glorious view of the water reflecting off the coloured doors as you swam, I did twelve widths.

Kevin started in the water and Ian did a dive, you wouldn't really believe how cold it is from this sunny picture.

By the time I was leaving the ice was already breaking up, it sounds like crickets singing a thousand ice crytals snapping under the movement of the water.

David took the temperature from his usual spot which happend to be under the ice. 2ºC he made it this morning but I'm sure it'll warm up soon.


  1. the ice songs were lovely. it was still iced when we arrived at 10.30, but had cleared by 12.30 and people were doing lengths again.

  2. We swam later and it had only warmed up to 2.5C. A milder night tonight should leave us "ice free" tomorrow.