Thursday, 2 February 2012

Chilly willy

Pip sat on the pool edge in wet trunks for about ten minutes telling us how someone in Shackleton's polar expedition had got frost bite of the willy. 'Documented with pictures' he assured us, 'It's alright, he survived.'. Then when David announced it really was only 1ÂșC in the water so Pip hopped up to have a picture taken with the thermometer.

Icicles hang from the steps and foot prints freeze instantly to the concrete. I manage four lengths but it's really tough. In the sauna birthday boy Batch is berating Tricky. 'You're an idiot to swim four at this tempertaure'. Tricky points out I did the same, 'he's faster than you' batch replies, 'you're slow and an idiot!'. It's the camaraderieI love at SLSC!

The aerator had frozen up, a long icicle hung from the water pipe, strong sunlight made great shaows over the ice.

Elizabeth diving in for a post sauna dip, again I caught her sligtly too soon but she wasn't about to have a second attempt today.

Slightly more successful picture of Ian diving in, by now the sunlight was reflecting of the bottom of the pool like a summers day.

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