Thursday, 16 February 2012


Not having swum in a week Hilary was doing widths this morning. She was a good distance from the shallow end which shows the size of the pool. 'It makes the pool look massive' I said showing her the image, 'That's because it is' she replied.

My attempt at a side picture wasn't so successful but I liked it anyway. Hilary did four widths as her reintroduction to the water. I didn't see the temperature today but it felt warmer, around 2ÂșC I believe.

A metallic blue Margy then did her widths, much closer to the edge making it difficult to get her all in the frame. I did a four length swim today, Elizabeth took a picture which I hope you'll find here later.

It wasn't exactly sunny but the mornings are getting a little brighter, the changing room doors beginning to reflect upon the water.


  1. Alex - got my card of Doreen this morning and put yours in the post.

  2. Thanks for that Carl. I wonder how she mixed us up?