Friday, 17 February 2012

Lengths again

Here comes Elizabeth, reaching across the pool on her after sauna swim. I jumped in the pool earlier and tried to get a picture of her as she, Nick and Johnathan swam a length. She got too far ahead of the boys so I missed my chance and they stopped swimming about 25 yards from the end of the pool.

A great dive this morning, her hands just going into the water, feet could still be pointier though. After missing my first few pictures I was already feeling the chill, I set off on a four length swim. The temperature must be going up, Four was enough but I wasn't as cold as yesterday.

As it's half term Vince has been swimming later, Pip is just arriving, cycling down the side of the pool. It was quite quiet this morning, but a couple of newer regulars, Nadine and Guy helped fill the sauna. Chris did four lengths this morning, he's trying to keep the distance up while Sue is away.

After what seemed like ages sitting on the pool edge Pip set off on his swim. I'm not sure how far he went because it was time for me to go.

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