Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Pip can't resist a photo opportunity and was prepared to sit in the snow for me, Elizabeth and Kate to all take pictures for our blogs.

Elizabeth and Kate laugh at the results? See their posts here and here. The period between 8 and 9 will have been well documented this morning!

It was still cold, the water looked oily and thick but most of the ice had melted. I did two lengths again, my fingers didn't freeze quite so much. Vince did two lengths and a width and Tricky did four lengths.

Despite a cold Elizabeth did a dive after her sauna. I like the flip flops at the pool edge as if she sprung out of them into the water. Luckily for Elizabeth I nailed this dive first time.

Not quite so elegant Tricky jumped into the water after his sauna, flinging his towel as he went.

The secret of Kate's swimming prowess? She has three arms! I do like this image a lot.

And the scores on the doors? Difficult to see in this pic but it's just about 0ÂșC.


  1. Thanx Alex, you are getting really good at getting me in mid air now! yes jumping out of my flip flops .. am glad they stayed on shore and I was able to get straight back into them!

  2. oh and yes I love that photo of Kate too ... superb reflections! by the way she swam 2 lengths and 4 widths in total - impressive!

  3. Great photos all round today I think! Wouldn't it be great to grow a third arm!!