Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine special

Much milder air temperature and no ice at all in the pool. Two lengths was todays aim. The contrast between air and water temperature was bigger than ever, the ice melt has kept the water temperature down. Half term week and it was quiet at the lido, Elizabeth swam four widths while I did my lengths.

Vince is never in a rush but with no school today he had a game of handball with Nick before his swim. The water feels thick still.

Eyes shut Vince finishes his second length. Chris did two lengths as well, keeping his distance up while Sue is away.

Ian showed up with a box of chocolates. 'To all the lido gals from Nando xx' read the message. There weren't too many gals around so I helped myself - Happy Valentines Nando!

David confirmed the temperature, still 0ÂșC despite the thaw. I'm sure it'll start to move up soon though.


  1. Hi Alex, thank God u have some great shots of this morning - just image, all my shots have mysteriously disappeared from my card ...It has happend one day before .. I thought well maybe I forgot to put a card in . but somehow remembered reviewing the shots in my camera ...no witnesses as such .. but this time I showed them to you! can u figure out why they are gone .. so disstressing!!

  2. Oh dear! You had some great shots of Vince as well. Does your camera have any internal storage space? Mine does and you can't download them when the card is still in the camera, perhaps worth a try?
    I'm sure there'll be better pictures tomorrow!

  3. thanx Alex - no mine doesn't have internal storage ... I found a software that can recover ... long storey ... I could see them in the program .. but when it came to downloading it and paying for the software it all went wrong again .. hours on the phone with canada .. and back to square one .. as u say there will b better shots another day -as tomorrow I am away all day- with an early start .. so sadly no swim... I just don't want that to happen again and so far I don't know if the SD card is dodgy or whether it's the card reader ...? C u thursday,