Monday, 27 February 2012

February kilometre

It had been a sunny warm week end, the temperature must have gone up. The lifeguards had posted a temperature of 6ºC on this mild grey Monday morning. Stephanie was all smiles, She had done ten lengths and her reading was 6.8ºC. I have been hoping to do a kilometre in February but wasn't sure if I could manage it.

The lido was unusually quiet. Vince and Elizabeth swam at the same time as me so I didn't get any pictures. I wonder if Elizabeth will post any here? The water really did feel warmer to me, it was great to have a proper swim. Twelve lengths were no problem. It's easy to say 'I could have done more' once you're out but I really think I could have. I didn't want to push too much having only done eight on Friday. The sauna was of course still welcome. David took the temperature when I was changing, 6.5ºC. I'm so glad we're back into distance swimming, let's hope the temperature holds.

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