Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fire and ice

The sky looked clear and I could see no frost when I looked out of my window this morning. Had the arctic blast we were promised not arrived yet? Stepping outside I realised it had been delivered in full, an icy breeze had kept the frost away but frozen puddles told another story. Elizabeth was already in the water when I reached the lido and I got this picture of her reaching for the line.

The sun was a ball of fire pushing it's way through the trees giving a warm orange light across the water. Stephanie had taken the water temperature, 3.1ÂșC. It was a beautiful swim, four lengths was plenty, my hands were going numb although my core still felt warm.

Getting out wasn't so much fun. I heaved myself on the the pool edge my wet hand froze to the ground as I tried to stand up. I rushed to the sauna as quickly as I could make it.

Frozen footprints and icy patches surround the pool. Winter is coming, February has started with a chill and it looks to get colder still.

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  1. I didn't notice you taking this shot, Alex .. yes, indeed reaching for the line hoping it was already the wall so I could get out after clocking up 2 lengths... my god that icy wind gave out nicely ..!